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04/22 Available

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Pastor Dan Morrow From New Life
Dan is from Powell and will bring the message to us for the remainder of April.  
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Photography by Marion Dickinson
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Photography by Marion Dickinson

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Marriage Enrichment night:
Join us for dessert and  teaching on "Grace Filled Marriage".
A Resource in Times of Trouble
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Additional Ministries!
Praise God we are in our new building. Thanks to your generosity we will be offering additional ministries in our community.  Your continued generosity will bless many!
Sermon by
Pastor Dan Morrow
Our internet was down - please check back for our audio sermon.  

We were dead in our trespasses yet, God loved us anyway. Yes, dead in our trespasses and on the wrong side of the aisle. Our flesh will never lead us to righteousness. But, God decided to give us life through Jesus Christ, His Son. Our salvation is not due to our works – so that no one can boast. We are saved by grace through faith. And how did we get that faith? Pastor Morrow explained that the Holy Spirit gave us the faith that is necessary for our salvation. There is nothing good in us, being saved is a conversion. And no, we don’t get it right all the time but we know what right is!

Go to the Sermon tab - launch the player and listen to this week's sermon titled:
"Glorious Grace"